What are your plans for Easter?

Cotter students and staff are for Easter break, there is a staff development day on Thursday, April 1, and students return on Tuesday, April 6.  We checked in to see what people are doing over the holiday.


” Watching Final four basketball from March Madness and visiting my uncle,” Patrick Morgan – 8th grade.


“Going to Minneapolis and Austin with Tomas, to visit his old friends and the person who helped him get to Cotter.” -Milla Puente-Infante – 12th grade

“Going golfing with some of my family members” –Payton Weifenbach – 11th grade


“Hanging out with a bunch of my relatives along with a territorial cat and a visiting chihuahua” — Sophia Stango -12th grade

“I am going to Rochester to spend time with my family.” –Mr. Howard, social studies teacher.