The charming culture and cuisine of Xi’an, ancient capital of China


There is no doubt that Xi’an is one of the cities with the strongest culture in ancient China.

“If you go to the other eight ancient capitals, they will introduce to you as one of the eight ancient capitals, but you come to Xi’an, I can tell you that you have come to the head of the eight ancient capitals,” the tour guide of the Terracotta Warriors said so.

Xi’an is indeed an attractive and famous tourist city with a long history and rich culture. As the capital of Shanxi Province, Xi’an is advanced in economy, transportation, construction and industry throughout the whole province. In comparison with the capital of Shanxi Province, it is more widely known as the city with 13 Dynasties history of China. This has enabled Xi’an’s uninterrupted development in the long history of China and nurtured many things with local cultural characteristics. I was really impressed with the good and places of interest in Xi’an during my short visit there.

In my 4 days of travel, Frank led me to enjoy numerous kinds of local food. The local foods in Xi’an are really diverse and has different flavors. Some foods are listed.

Pork Stew with Vegetable is the local food that I had on the first day I went to Xi’an. This is a famous local traditional food in Xi’an. Pork, vermicelli, and some vegetables are stewed together to be a delicious dish. Local people like to eat it with steamed bunds. The food of meat in Xi’an is very varied, such as Shanwich, Beef stew of bread, and local barbecue.

Soup dumpling is a popular food in China that can be seen in most cities  but Xi’an is the cradle of this food which means it is authentic in Xi’an. The soup and filling are filled in the bun skin. Bite the bun skin, such out the inside of the soup, the taste is very delicious. It is not surprising that this is all over China.


Glutinous Rice is a portion of street food in Xi’an. This rice cake tastes soft waxy. With honey or osmanthus sauce, it gives a cool and sweet feeling.


Besides, there are myriad places of interest in Xi’an. Actually, I did not go to multiple famous scenic spots due to most of these spots are terribly crowded, filled with tourists. Nevertheless, I still went to the Terracotta Warriors in light of the fact that it is so famous that I could not ignore it.


“Although there are only some clay puppets inside, without visiting the Terracotta Warriors and Horses, it seems that you have never been to Xi’an,” the driver said when I was heading downtown.

The Terracotta Warriors are spectacular and amazing. These warriors are not colored, they are massive, looked machine-made from a faraway, but are all different when you are up close. They are marvelous and it is beneficial to learn some history and events behind the creation and discovery of such an insight.

The booming tourism industry promotes the development of this city, but the commercialization also affects or damages its culture. Huimin Street was a Muslim community in the city and a collection place of local food. However, highly commercialized street attracts exotic elements like some web celebrity photo spots. At the same time, the high reputation makes the food there especially expensive.

All things considered, Xi’an is definitely a valuable city to visit especially with such an expert food guide like Frank. On such a short visit I was onlable to see a corner of Xi’an. I would like to go there again if I could. After all, this kind of rich ancient Chinese cultural atmosphere is just belongs there.