For those about to teach, we salute you


Anthony Guzzo

Poster of students honoring Cotter teachers displayed in the first floor hallway during Teacher Appreciation Week in May

This week Cotter students celebrated all the Cotter teachers and staff members by writing cards, giving thanks, and showing our appreciation. These posters are displayed in the first floor hallway;

Collage of Cotter teachers displayed in the first floor hallway of St. Teresa building (Anthony Guzzo)

The Chronicle staff  is giving out a few props, too:

“I really appreciate MHP’s energy she brings to the class every day! She makes classes more enjoyable and fun!  I also appreciate Mrs. Stevenson she helped me learn a bunch of new information.”   –Lexi Licheng

“I appreciate Mr. Meurer because he makes me feel like I can accomplish anything musically, both in the band room and through individual challenges. He always encourages me to do better than my best, is a friend when I’m frustrated, and pushes me when I doubt myself. “–Suzanne Duellman

“I appreciate Ms. Snyder because she brings joyful energy to my day.” –Grace Millier

“I appreciate Ms. Shriver because her class is super fun and laid back, plus we only have class two days a week.” –Hailey Biesanz

“I appreciate Mrs. Heltemes because she is always willing to help. No matter what time or what problem in pre-calculus, she is constantly helping me understand the material in class” –Ashur Rouleau

Anthony Guzzo

“I appreciate Mr. Paulsen because, he is really fun, and understands teens very well.”–Esther Stutesman

“I appreciate Mrs. Forney because she is very supportive and caring and helps me develop my artistic skills” –Mrs.Forney

“I appreciate Mr McGlaun because he is always very friendly and he makes me feel welcome.” –Madeline McConville

“I appreciate Mr. Roeckers because he is always open to conversation while also remaining focused on our work”. –Anthony Guzzo

“I appreciate Mrs. Shriver because she has the funniest sense of humor I have ever seen.” – Cole Ebertowski

“I’m going off the board for a few alt teachers. I think all of our 1st floor administration and staff have been in more zooms and planning sessions and answered more questions than anyone should endure in a lifetime, so I appreciate them.  I also always enjoy talking to our custodial staff who have remained diligent and cheerful through all the protocols.” –Mr. Costello