Lantern Festival brings magic to the night

In the Lunar calendar of China, on March 3rd a Lantern festival is held for local people at Dali, Yunan, a southern city of China.

Cotter students Lexi Licheng and Sherry Zheng spent some time at this Lantern show to be immersed into the local culture.

A broader view of the Lantern Show
A broader view of the Lantern Festival. The lanterns in the back have a theme of the lotus. (Sherry Zheng)


A closer look to the lanterns about lotus.
A closer look to the lantern of lotus. (Sherry Zheng)



People hanging out at the lantern festival at Dali, Yunnan, at night (Lexi Licheng)


Rows of Kong Ming Lanterns. From ancient times, people small pieces of paper with their wishes into the Kong Ming Lantern, light it up with candles and the Kong Ming Lanterns will fly to the sky, using the same scientific knowledge as hot air balloons. Nowadays, the real candles inside the Kong Ming Lanterns are replaced by the electric candles, and some of those lanterns will be carried to the sky by unmanned aerial vehicles(quadcopters or drones). (Sherry Zheng)