Digital Art Showcase: Quarter #1


Olivia Park

Throughout the school year, the Cotter Chronicle will be featuring student work from various grades and art classes.

Cotter students have many opportunities to take part in an art course. There’s an art class available for every student, offering a variety of mediums and targeting a variety of skill levels.

Displayed here is student work form three sections of  computer art and drawing during the first quarter. Examples range from still life to original images.

In computer art classes, instructor Diane McGonigle teaches students about different techniques and processes for digital art creation. The most used software is Corel Painter, used in conjunction with Wacom pens and tablets. Students also have the ability to use Photoshop and various Adobe softwares.

Students learn different concepts in the course- including shape, line, and more.

Assignments are given according to the concept working on at the time. Each student is required to turn in designated assignments and two sketches per quarter.

Other art courses offered include painting, advanced drawing, graphic design, film and video, and printmaking & 3D construction.