ARC of triumph? New study area centerpiece on main floor


Amaiya Kauphusman

Mr. Schmitt working at his desk during his 7th period study hall.

Sometimes in school, like real estate, it is all about location.

In Cotter’s newly renovated St. Joseph building, formerly known as Roger Bacon, there is a room on the first floor known as  the Academic Resource Center or the “ARC,” which is conveniently located on the first floor of the St. Joseph building and is directly in front of the main entrance.

This room functions both as a study hall area and library that students use on the daily.  Most periods it is staffed by either Mr. Schmitt or Mrs. Nordgren who oversee this area and give academic assistance to the students.

“I think the new design is very nice, modern, and updated. It has a variety of work spaces such as cubbies, individual work stations, tables, and comfortable chairs,” Mr. Schmitt said.

Students who have PSEO classes are given a study hall and students may request a study hall based on their schedule and their particular needs.  Mrs. Nordgren and Mr. Schmitt are available to help students with organization or specific needs.