What’s up Doc? The rock-n-roll doctor from Theyself & CTP @MWMF


Doc sings the blues, Mpls. recording artist was in Winona for MWMF

Thomas Busse, 7th grade, and John Littrell, 12th,  of Cotter Teen Press interviewed Patrick “Doc” Dougherty,  of Minneapolis band Theyself, among other collaborations, at the storefront on 64 E. 3rd St in Winona, being used as MWMF headquarters, on Friday, April 29,  the opening night of MidWest Music Fest, 2022.

Doc also hosts a radio show, Desert Islands, on Kfai, see how Doc responds to when the tables are turned on this question late in the interview.

Doc speaks about his early interest in music, playing guitar left-handed, the formation of Theyself, among other topic in a high spirited conversation.