Cotter Choir’s Dundie Awards


Mrs. Jirele

The Cotter Choir holds up their 2022 Choir Awards!

On May 18, 2022, the choir classroom recreated a scene from the popular TV show The Office: Mrs. Jirele gave out a stack of paper awards ranging from the silly to the serious, for each choir member; just like Michael Scott gives out his “Dundie awards” to each of his employees in order to “boost morale,” (as one news article about the episode explained).

And the choir’s morale was definitely boosted.

Classmates laughed as 2 boys got handed the “arthritis” awards (because they text so much) and clapped as the “one-legged awards” were given to 2 others because of their leg injuries. A few more interesting ones were the “Best Redhead” award and the “Choir Lesson Avoider” awards.

A few were more serious and inspirational; 4 classmates were handed the “vocal growth” awards, one got the “Rookie of the year award,” and 2 others were handed “leadership” awards.

There were also a few curious awards with backstories; one was given a “Gone Bananas” award because of his talent-show performance, another was given the “secret Pop-Star” award because she sings at Blooming Grounds coffee shop, and a third was given the “best Norwegian- English singing award” because her solo ensemble piece was in Norwegian, but her judge thought she was singing in English and was very confused.

But no matter if their “Dundie” award was silly or serious, the choir students had a very enjoyable time.