Students Participate in Eau Claire and WSU Honors Choir


After two long, hard days at two prestigious choir events, Cotter students recount their experiences.

On Saturday October 11, nine Cotter students,  Corey Beyer, Caleb Speltz, Ryan Ortega, Zach Bailey, Molly Corcoran-Sanders, Beth Parlin, Brynn Spitzer, Bailey Hansen, and Kate Duellman, made the  trip over to UW – Eau Claire for their annual mass choral concert. Students Rosemary Flanagan and Kris Vander Zanden were set to be in attendance, but due to illness were unable to make the trip.

After leaving even before the morning fog had lifted, the students undertook a day full of singing and viewing many different Eau Claire choirs. The night concluded with a concert list consisting of songs such as “O Magnum Mysterium,” “Domine Ad Adjuvandume,” “Al Shlosha,” and finishing off the night with “Pure Imagination,” in honor of the 50th anniversary of Roald Dahl’s book, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

Fast forward to December 5, and we find five Cotter students, Corey Beyer, Ryan Ortega, Matthew Masyga, Natalie Smith, and Kate Duellman, making the “long haul” to Winona State University. Starting off the night with “Al Shlosha,” “The Night Before Christmas,” and “Psalite,” the night would end with a bang, as usual, with WSU’s annual sing along to “The Messiah.”

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