April Fools’ Day: the classic gags

April Fools’ Day: the classic gags

If someone pranked you today, don’t worry, you were just taking part in a global tradition.

April Fools’ day has been a longstanding event in the world’s history. Ranging from ancient Rome’s Hilaria festival, to the Medieval Feast of Fools, a day for jokes and pranks has been popular around the world for centuries.

In our modern culture, April Fools day, as a holiday, varies differently from our general gift-giving and generosity. Instead, it exists to poke fun and to deceive, with a constant purpose of malice.

 Many April Fools’ day pranks exist, ranging from massive media hoaxes, common with YouTube and other information mediums, to simple pranks that can be done at home, school or office. Here are ten classic  pranks that you can put to use at your own risk:

  1. Place sauce packets under toilet seats, spraying patrons who sit along the back of their knees.

  2. Place saran wrap over a doorway, smacking the faces and bodies of unsuspecting students.

  3. Get a friend to mime pulling taut an imaginary rope across a roadway. Drivers will be wary to pass your nonexistent rope, forcing them to stop.

  4. Stand behind a doorway, and jump out and surprise with a traditional “Boo!”

  5. Tape a note to someone’s back. For extra laughs, list malicious instructions on it for those following behind.

  6. Air Horns. Place them between doors and under office chairs so they can self-release.

  7. Tie an unsuspecting friend’s shoelaces together.

  8. Itching powder in the locker room.

  9. Put a piece of tape under a computer mouse to prevent it from working.

  10. You can make Jell-o in any source of water. Toilets could work nicely.