Student Council hosts Junior High Fun Night

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The Cotter students were welcomed by a Hawaiian Leis and an “Aloha,” greeting

On Friday, May 11, 2018, the Cotter Junior High “Fun Night” and dance was held at the John Nett Center.

Some of the fun activities during the dance were the followings:

Dance area: a music was provided for the students to have some fun and to show their best dance moves. Some of the students’ favorite songs were”The Cupid Shuffle,” “Cotton-eye Joe” and “Macarena”

Board games:  The students also had a lot of fun by playing board games, some of their favorites were “Twister” and “Jenga”

Food table: The food table was the most popular place of the night. The students were provided with different kinds of pizza, as well as drinks and different types of desserts.

Photo Booth:  The photo booth was introduced this year, and the students seemed to really enjoyed it

The Cotter junior high students had a great time with their friends, and the student council cannot wait to plan another “Fun Night” to be part of.




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