Junior high students get scientific at 10th annual fair

 After being delayed due to the “snow week” in late January, the junior high Science Fair was held in the lobby of the John Nett Center on Monday, February 4.
This annual event was once again run by Mrs. Tammy Drazkowski, the 7th and 8th grade science teacher,  who had her students presenting and explaining their procedures and results to judges, parents, grandparents, and other Cotter students and teachers.
Mrs. Tammy Drazkowski presides over her 10th annual junior high Science Fair
Colleen Costello grade 7
Topic: The correlation between music and memory
Ashlee Modjeski grade 7
Topic: the use of natural cleaning agents as opposed to store-bought products and their effectiveness. Ashlee found that the natural cleaning agents were better and safer for households to use than typical products seen on store shelves.
Jonathan Pratt grade 7
Topic: Bridges
Question: How much weight can a bridge hold, and what types are the most durable?
Jonathan found that bridges that were reinforced with thick popsicle sticks along with triangle-shaped trusses were able to hold 50lbs of weight.
Presenters and judges in the lobby of John Nett on Science Fair day
Mrs. Welle judges projects and explained the criteria that determine a good project and presentation. Good presentation skills with a demonstrated knowledge on the subject and a clean board are all essentials for a good score.
Alex Slaggie grade 7 Topic: Glue stick or glue bottle, which has the overall faster drying time.
Annie Modjeski grade 7
Topic: How color affects taste
Adriann Paetzel grade 7
Topic: Running strides, are longer or shorter strides faster.
Ava Stender grade 7
Topic: How the time of day affects the time length it takes for rabbits and guinea pigs to get through a maze.
Elliot Fitzgerald grade 7 Topic: Reducing flooding from a tsunami; tree and wall barriers.
Chase Vafaei grade 7
Topic: Tested to see if German Shepherds have color preference.
Abbey Gardner grade 7
Topic: Which toothpaste whitens teeth the best
Savanna Welters grade 7
Topic: Different pencil grips affecting the writing fatigue
Mr. Eric Paulsen, a Cotter High School STEM teacher, was a judge at the Science Fair.
“What I was looking for as a judge was clean science. Everything supporting the question, whether it is answered or not. Also the students acknowledging their mistakes and changing the direction when it is needed. I also look for symmetry and neatness and great presentation skills!”