Seniors tackle major issues

Fatima Mota – How Immigrants impact the economy in the U.S.? “It is difficult to find data because it is constantly changing and new immigrants are coming in every year”
















Parker Hetrick-Binner – Bee keeping and housing. What is causing the mass death of bees aside from human impact?















Abi Trocinski – Stricter laws on vaccinations “It is hard to work around the bias”















Britney Meier – Brain-mapping is a new scientific breakthrough that could help treat and cure a multitude of diseases, however, the science is in its early stages of development and has been written off by many in the science community.

















Jordan Meier – Animal abuse ” It was very difficult to find a book”















Zoe Vandeberg – Hundreds of indigenous people within the US go missing or are killed every year. The government has done nothing to resolve this ongoing issue that has plagued native American communities for generations.