Lakeview Memories












“Lakeview has the best root beer and I like to go there for it.” –Keegan Rusert











“My favorite memory at Lakeview is going to get their Shrimp Burger and tartar sauce,” — Jody Werner.











“My favorite memory at Lakeview is going to eat with my friend Ryan,” — Payton Weifenbach.











“I like going with my brother and getting ice cream.” –Olivia Blumers











“I went with Madison Beck to Lakeview and she ate meat for the first time there. I will always remember that memory.” — Emily Soddy.











“For a while we had a tradition of going there on Monday nights in the summer after our YMCA league basketball games. The Y’s gym was about 100 degrees with 100% humidity and a root beer or two tasted fantastic afterwards.” – Mike Costello