Cotter bike lab re-opens


Cotter bike lab is a place where you can go get greasy and fix up your bike with some good sip.

The bike lab is run by Mr. Erik Paulsen.

Before the pandemic bike lab was a flex activity students could sign up for during freshmen and sophomore year. Mr. Paulsen made sure to have a mix of boys and girls in the group and looked for new students each year. 

As of now however, everyone is welcome, and students of all grades are welcome to join in.

Students are encouraged to  just stop on by the bike lab on the basement floor towards the office if you’re looking to get your bike looked at.

The bike lab located in the basement of the St. Teresa building has a pretty full house of bikes getting ready to be returned to their owners. (Esther Stutesman)

Mr.Paulsen  teaches students  how to fix bikes and  he has some bikes that need to be taken apart, so don’t be afraid to drop in

Mr. Paulsen answered a few questions for me:

Q:Why did you decide to open back up? 

A: “We realized we can do bike lab safely given our COVID precautions, and there is lots of work that needs to be done”

Q:How did you decide how many people would be allowed at a time in bike lab? 

A: “We thought about 8-10 would be easy enough to manage, and be safe.”

Q:Is it the same as before?

A:” It is no longer a flex class, less people are allowed in the lab, although being in the lab isn’t much different than last year.”

Q:Are you glad it’s back open? 

A: “Absolutely, it is one of my favorite things to do”

 If you are interested in checking out the bike lab then just talk to Mr. Paulsen, and he will have something for you to do.