What did you do after the Homecoming dance?

Luke Danielson 11 – “I went to an after party with friends.”

Allison French 12 – “I went to a friend’s house with Maddy McConville and had a fire and watched movies.”

Megan Costello 12 – “I went and hung out with my senior high friends Maddie Cone and Kendal Goyette. I also made Esme come drop me off Kwik Trip hot food.”


Esme Brandvik 12 – “I dropped off Megan, Maddie, and Kendal Kwik Trip and got food.”

Madi Riley 11 – “I went to a friend’s house and slept over.”

Ava Stender Grade: 10- “I went back to my house and hung out with friends”

Hillary Duellman Grade: 10- “I went to a friends house and stayed up till like 3:30”

Amy Remoticado Grade: 10- “I went to Jude’s”

Katy Staff Grade: 10- “I went to Mcdonald’s”

Brooke Rogers Grade: 9- “I went home and fell asleep”

Oscar Heckman Grade: 10- “I went home and slept”