If you were the CEO of a company, name one thing you would make compulsory in the office and one thing you would ban in the office

“I would definitely make it required for all offices to have access to coffee, and I would probably ban the use of shaming of any kind in the office.” -Abigail Briggs

Allessia (on the left)
“I would lengthen the time permitted for parental leave and would ban any discrimination based on gender, race, sexual orientation, etc.” -Alessia Velasquez Nitti
“I would offer a huge free buffet to all my employees with all the food they could ever think of- pizza, sushi, boba, smoothies, and ofc Ceaser salad. I would prob ban men from my office and then delete them from the world. ” -Alisia Hull
“If I were a CEO I would make monthly mental health days mandatory so people can give themselves a break. I would ban hate, discrimination, and harassment in the office. ” -Madi Riley
“I would make fun compulsory and ban negativity. ” -Dominic at the dorm
“I would require the office to have once a week casual day, and I would ban offensive posters or objects. “-Mary Moore