What class would you like to add to the Cotter curriculum?

Cotter students will be registering for classes for the 2022-23 school year soon.

The Chronicle staff hit the halls to see what some courses students would like to see offered.

Macy Piechowski, 9th grade, “Finance class” (photo by Amaiya Kauphusman)


Brooke Rodgers 9th grade: “A workshop class, which has creative pursuits like woodworking.”(photo by Amaiya Kauphusman)


Andie Teske nd Olivia Blumers, 12th grade: “Home EC, because we need to learn real-life skills before we live by ourselves.” (photo Lexi Danielson)


Irene Olivares, 10th grade: ” A cooking class, because I feel like I will use the skill in the real life and I like cooking as well! ” (photo by Lea Hyzova)


Jayden Konter, 9th grade: “Woodmaking, because it would be fun to do something creative, kind of create your own thing.” (photo by Lexi Danielson)
Luiza Cruz, 11th grade: “Dance, it is my favorite thing to do, I love it.” (photo by Lexi Danielson)