MWMF director speaks to students


Amaiya Kauphusman

Dylan Hilliker addresses the students at Cotter informing them about this year’s festival

Dylan Hilliker, the new director of MidWest Music Fest, a festival held each spring in Winona, addressed Cotter students during an assembly for high school students on Wednesday, April 6.  Hilliker spoke to students about his personal story, a bit of history of the festival, this year’s fest, and opportunities in the music business.

The festival will be held the last weekend in April in a number of venues in downtown Winona, with the main stage at Levee Park as the central location.  There are free events at Blooming Grounds and Acoustic Cafe and all age ticketed events at many other venues. Student tickets are $20 and adult/general public tickets are $80 for the fest.  Cotter students will be participating in interviews with musicians at the festival. If interested in being part of these interviews see Ms. Jirele or Mr. Costello for details.