Acts Shine at Cotter Talent Show


The 2015 International Week Talent show was a huge success.

All eight of the acts that tried out made the cut and they put on quite a performance. From singing Bruno Mars to playing violin solos, this talent show showcased  an impressive variety of student talent.

The talent show also included three judges, Ms. Shriver, Mr. Sobeleski, and Mrs. G. The judging criteria was based on three things; difficulty, crowd reaction, and overall performance.

Sophomore Zoey Aune took first place with interpretive dance. Zoey’s been dancing since she was 13 years old, making this her second year of dance. “It’s a lot of fun” Zoey said. “I do get nervous when I perform, but once the music starts the nerves turn into energy.”

Senior Mike Kim and Freshman Aaron Kyun took second with singing “I’m Not the Only One” by Sam Smith. “I had a lot of fun performing.” Mike said. “I like to sing, I wasn’t that nervous.”

There was a third place tie between sophomore Sammi Knight and the Chinese Choir. Knight played a beautiful violin solo and the choir performed a Chinese pop song titled “Running”. Judges could not decide between the two so they split the money and shared the placement.

“I was worried when  I first walked on the stage.” Knight said. “With the whole school watching me, I thought I couldn’t do it.  But I made it and got some money on the side, so that was nice.”

Other acts included Joe Zhou singing “When I Was Your Man”, Rose Wang and Sharon Chung singing “What Do You Want From Me”, Mac Whaley spit a track from his mixtape “A Record of Therapy”, and Shine Xu, Maggie Wang, June Chu, and Penny Peng sang “Counting Stars,” pictured below