1/31/14 – If you had a superpower, what would it be and why?

Mary Schwend
Mary Schwend- grade:10 says that she would like to be invisible so she could sneak around and pull pranks on people.

Kailyn Zukowski
Kaylin Zukowski- grade:11 says that she would rather read minds to know what people are thinking about..

Brianna Byerstadt
Briana Beyerstedt- grade:10 would like to be able to move things with her mind because then she wouldn’t have to get up and get anything.

isaiah meuer
Isaiah Meurer- grade:10 would like to turn into a liquid because it would be cool.

Jonah Spetin
Jonah Spiten- grade:10 says that he would like to fly because he would like to be able to go anywhere he wants.