Prom Fashion Preview


Shopping for prom can be exciting or anxious, depending on your nature.  Here are some looks that are popular this year.

If your desire is to show a sculpted figure, the coral prom girl collection with elegant, high placed waste might be the right choice for you!


For a classy look, choose black and white combination. The sophisticated style will never become outdated ( Elle magazine for women) and, it is still very easy to wear as it is easy to find the right matching shoes!’black and white.jpg

Simple and elegant, decent and dramatic in one!

The best combination of black and white! Coral neck will give you a glamorous look, plus, you do not have to worry about a necklace anymore.

Even total strangers to the fashion know  “old fashioned is coming back”, but how far? Seems like the Sherri Hill collection reached deep into history,with stunning results.  Turkish culture of the 15 century became their inspiration!                                        hurem.jpg In the picture, Hurem Sultan , wife of the Turkish sultan Sulejman, is pictured from a soap opera based on their love story.

huremlike.jpg     (  Do you recognize the belt and shape?

  Our first choice,  not just with the historical base, but this Sherri Hill dress surprises with see through neck and sleeves, which are incredible combination. Flirty,yet  appropriate and decent at once. The belt gives the look a nice shape and makes nice use of the unusual green and white color combination.

Glitters, glitters and more glitters.  In Style magazine from March, 2014 says glitter is still in. Imagine how they will shine on the red carpet scenery.

The gorgeous royal color  gown from Jovanni’s JVN collection will make your way through every crowd.


Light color, glittery highlighted waste and great shape!

Here are some  celebrities looks that might inspire you.

They decided to match their robes with the ground. Red is the color which definitely dominated this year’s red carpet.oscar.jpg

Natalie Portman, Emma Stone and Michelle Williams at Oscar 2013 awardsred.jpg

Jennifer Aniston, Oscar 2013dolce.jpg

Celebrities in Dolce and Gabbana 2014


Match the new red carpet all in red in those sophisticated, decent and chic dress from La Femme and Sherri Hill collection!prom.jpg la femme.jpg

                                                                                       La Femme collection


Elegant and sophisticated,dramatic and luxurious, the gown above from  Be the target of attention in Sherri Hill collection!red robe.jpgwww.sherrihill.combest of 2013.jpg

the best.jpg ( style 20047

pretty in pink.jpgThis amazing dress will stun all around as you waltz.  Pretty in pink, fair colors and princess like style! ( 2014.jpg

Lighter colors, satin and sophisticated shapes were the in charge for this year’s jvn.jpg (

we love.jpg

Simple and elegant, decent and dramatic all in one!

la femme.jpg(

“ The must-have shoe is a -go-with-anything flat!” (InStyle magazine, January 2014)

Do not take it too high! The credo of this season has become dance in  comfort  all night.  According to the In Style magazine, even tennis shoes are acceptable!

Our Tip:
Try pointy-toe flat -the most welcome flat  of the Spring 2014 collection.flats.jpg PHILLIP LIM

Devon patent-leather point-toe flats

Have some fun with our favorite glitters. This chic and stylish collection of flats will become perfect match for your prom dress and give you comfortable night full of dancing!diamodns.jpgbigger diamonds.jpg                                

Are you one of those whose dress are hitting the floor? Get your inspiration in

those half-heel dress shoes we love!

                                                               www.dhgate.combalerines.jpgLove it internationally! sandals.jpg

How about a piece of the Chinese culture?


Have you found your version of perfection?