The Adam Project Movie Review

The Adam Project Movie Review

The Adam Project is currently on of America’s most successful movies, as it has all the elements to attract a crows.

The Adam Project is considered a Marvel movie because of the cast crew.

Ryan Reynolds plays “Adam Reed,” who is the main character in The Adam Project.

Reynolds did an amazing job playing Reed and since this movie is about time travel. Reynolds was able to revisit his 12-year-old self (Walker Scobell) after an emergency landing in 2022. Reynolds was aiming to land in 2018 to revisit his wife who was supposed to be dead.

After Reynolds’s plane crashed, he needed his 12-year-old self’s DNA to control the airplane again. Reynolds was able to meet his younger self and get his airplane back up and running without the CEO of technology trying to destroy his airplane again.

There were no plot holes in this movie, although when he traveled in time to meet his 12-year-old self it is confusing until the audience figures out that Reynolds’s older self knew every word and action that his younger self was going to say or do. Once you grasp they were the same person, just from different decades, the movie makes much more sense.

This movie touches on the Action, Adventure, Comedy, and Sci-Fi genres and appeals to a wide audience. The Adam Project is rated PG-13 and is a great movie for children in this age group.

The soundtrack in this movie fit perfectly for each scene that was occurring. For an intense scene, the music went dark, and the base would drop. During the more mellow scenes, a softer song was played creating the audience to feel what the characters were feeling in the movie.

Overall, I enjoyed this movie. I highly recommend seeing this movie if you have time and it is the number 1 watched movie on Netflix right now, as it just became available on Netflix on March 11, 2022.