Lessons from “The Intern”


Jules Austen and Ben Whittaker learning from one another

Everyone knows the feeling.

You want to sit back and relax, and the only thing on your mind is what movie you are going to watch next. You want to laugh? Find a comedy. Something sad? A romantic drama. The list of examples could go on and on. However, there is a movie that can bring you all of the emotions you could imagine.

“The Intern” is about a 70-year-old man, Ben Whittaker (Robert DeNiro), who is retired but refuses to let boredom fill his life. From learning Mandarin, cooking classes, yoga, to Tai Chi; nothing seems to fulfill his potential.

Then, suddenly, he sees a poster about a company hiring new senior interns. Thinking it must be fate or destiny, he applies, gets an interview, and the job offer comes straight to him. The company is a big e-commerce fashion site, and Ben’s role is to be the personal assistant of the CEO, Jules Austen (Anne Hathaway). She is a feminist role in the movie, with the mindset that she can do anything as a woman in the business world.

The inside view of the internet company


Ben and his charming personality light up the company. Helping younger interns, smiling most of the time, and even cleaning a terrible table with tons of paper on it; he gets the trust of everyone. People start to behave differently, as he is a motivation for them. Whether he teaches men to dress elegant to work, or the secretary to sleep more than 5 hours a day, we can clearly see that he is a very kind a caring person.

Jules listening to Ben talking about his life in the morning



As a CEO, Jules is busy most of the time and Ben admires her thanks to her determination. Finding out that the company is considering findinga more experienced CEO, Jules is devastated. Ben helps her to think positively again, while he also gets to know Jules’ family.

Over the course of the whole movie, we witness different challenges and the lessons that teach us something special come along. So what are the things we should remember?


  1. Always be kind. Ben understands that everyone in the company has their life and different problems. He is always trying to make everyone smile, from the very beginning. He helps his coworker when having difficulties with getting an apartment – he lets him stay at his place. Then, he solves some relationship problems and brings light to Jules’ life.
  2. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Being a 70-year-old in a modern company isn’t an easy thing. The advanced technology, new ways of communicating with others, and the type of clothing style. Ben is not acquainted with either of those things, but he stays calm, thinks over his every step, and is not afraid of asking for help. Soon, he learns the “man handshake”, explores new ways of doing things online, and even sets up his own Facebook account.
  3. Follow your dreams and don’t let anything stop you. Jules is a hard worker, and she achieved her company’s five-year goals in only 18 months. She finds out that she might be getting replaced with another CEO, following with her husband’s affair. Thinking about her young daughter, she considers giving up her position at work to save her marriage, however, Ben gives her the strength to hold on to her dream. Jules realizes that she created something that most people don’t even dream about and it would be a horrible waste to let go of it. At the end of the movie, we see Jules deciding to stay as the CEO of her company, and continuing to believe that she is capable of running the entire business on her own.
  4. Forgive, but don’t forget. Jules’ husband is often home alone with their daughter and feels like “a mum”. He has the stereotype mindset in his head, thinking that he should be the one working and his wife should take care of their kid more. This results in him cheating on Jules. She finds out and eventually decides to forgive him and try to keep their marriage and fix it in the way that is possible. She knows that he is the one who made a mistake, even though she is reconsidering her work for some time. Jules forgives but never forgets. There are set boundaries in the relationship and her husband obviously crossed them. She realizes that if he will cross them again, she will not give him another chance.
  5. True friends are important. As Jules sends an angry email to someone who wasn’t supposed to read it, she is trying to find a way how she can get rid of the email. Ben comes up with the idea of coming into the house of that person and stealing the computer. Three coworkers keep him company in the little “crime” and prove their reliability. In times of crisis, it is a great feeling to know that there is someone who you can rely on.
Jules working on her new project


The Intern gives us an opportunity to see how hard life can be sometimes, but it also brings the amazing power of hope. As Emily Dickinson said, “Hope is the thing with feathers”, and there is no one in the whole movie who loses it. Probably any age group can watch the movie and be entertained, as we see the interesting factors that can completely turn our life around.