Sierra Burgess is a Winner

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A new Netflix film has viewers questioning whether or not the movie is promoting that cat-fishing is okay.

Sierra Burgess, a quirky, geeky girl who’s just trying to get through high school alongside her best friend Dan, is faced with a huge problem. She has been texting and calling her crush, Jamey, for weeks with only one secret: he thinks that she is someone else. And not just anyone else, the most popular “mean girl” in school, Veronica.

Jamey, who had noticed Veronica at a restaurant, decided to make a move. Though he was easy on the eyes, Veronica thought his friends were too nerdy, and gave Jamey Sierra Burgess’s number, claiming it was her own. This is where the rest of the story spirals off from–Sierra and Jamey connecting over the phone when he thinks she’s actually Veronica.

The end of this movie became very controversial. Sierra, who had cat-fished Jamey, publicly embarrassed her best friend without apology, and simply went crazy, is forgiven and ends up with the boy of her dreams.

Many presume that the movie is implying that being insecure and wanting pity for it will get what their way.

What’s good about this movie is that it is very realistic. A teenage girl, looking for confidence in herself and envious over the pretty girl in school, wants a boy she believes she is not good enough for.

Cliched, yes, but definitely a topic that Netflix viewers may relate to. Another plus is the story line, how Sierra ends up in a sticky-situation she doesn’t want to get out of, but is basically forced to confront.

You really feel like you’re in her situation and the anxiety kicks in when Jamey is about to find out her big secret. I, personally, was drawn to the secondary character, Veronica more than Sierra, however. Sierra seemed to complain most of the film, while Veronica had a story that was slowly revealed and intriguing throughout the entire movie. I enjoyed most of the other characters than Sierra. Shannon Purser, the actress who plays Sierra Burgess was very good. I just feel that the character they portrayed her to be wasn’t my favorite.

The movie has a really unsatisfying ending. It was definitely predictable, and I feel like a different conclusion would have a better impact on the audience.

Sierra made everyone feel bad for her, and in the end, got everything she had hoped for. Having insecurities is normal, but using them for pity and as an excuse for harsh actions isn’t a great message for viewers. I ended up favoring the friendship between Sierra and Veronica over the relationship between Sierra and Jamey, since we never got to see them bond other than over the phone. It took a new perspective on modern-day relationships that seem to commonly begin through a phone screen.

Overall, this film did what it was intended to do: confront a touchy subject to get people talking. I would recommend watching this movie, and feel as though it was worth my time even though it didn’t have the perfect ending I would have hoped for. However, a cheesy teen Netflix rom-com definitely will rake in plenty of views, so in the perspective of succession, Sierra Burgess is a winner!

Rating: 3/5 stars






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