Dress code = sad code for seniors


Last year Cotter changed the dress code to a more strict attire. There have been mixed feelings about this major change throughout the school.

The new dress code consists of a polo or oxford shirt. The colors allowed are: navy, white, royal blue, and black. Solid khaki, navy or black casual dress pants, or shorts. The shorts must be no shorter than slightly above the knee.

Some would say that the dress code makes the students look more professional and sharp, along with it helping students “focus” more. There are also claims that it prepares students for jobs that may require uniforms and reduce differences between students.

Others say that the dress code takes away a person’s way of expressing their individuality. Let alone, some may be uncomfortable with the clothing they are required to ear during the school week.

Going from wearing clothes that you want to wear, to clothing that others want you to wear takes away from a child’s way of expressing themselves.

Having this form of dress code has made it easier for kids from other schools to criticize us and put labels on us.

With having this dress code, it has saved us from being tardy and having to do the walk of lateness shame.

Here are a sampling of currents seniors opionions on the dress code:

“I just want to wear my jeans, what is next? Are they going to make us wear a certain type of shoes?” Claire Nichols exclaimed.

“I miss getting to wear my beautiful clothes, and I feel like with uniforms its harder to express who you are.” Vivienne Warner said.

“I think the dress code is the worst thing ever. It’s impossible for me to find khaki pants that fit. Also my white shirts always get stains from lunch, and don’t even get me started on the sweat stains when it’s hot outside,” Laken Macal said.

“I really miss being able to show off my own personality through my stylish looks,”  Abi Trocinski said.

“I feel as there is a bigger discussion that needs to be had,” Jon Weltzien added.

“At this point I don’t really care anymore, but I do wish there was more flexibility because I have a dresser full of clothes that I’d like to wear,” Will Modjeski said.

It seems as if the teachers disagree with whether or not they are going to uphold the dress code, that sparks a lot of controversy with the dress code issues.