The Bachelor: What you missed


We are weekly watchers of the frequently mentioned reality series, The Bachelor.

The season has been a roller coaster of emotions, not just for watchers, but for our bachelor, Colton.

This isn’t Colton’s first rodeo, he was on Becca’s season of The Bachelorette, and the most recent season of Bachelor in Paradise. Both ending in heartbreak for Colton.

Many viewers were excited when they found out Colton was the bachelor and I mean who could blame them. Have you seen him with a dog?!

From the beginning, you could tell, that Cassie Randolph would be one of the front runners, and as their relationship progressed, you could see their connection growing faster than his relationship with the other girls in the house. Even the other contestants would have side conversations talking about how Colton is different when he is with Cassie. As the season progressed and Colton started sending girls home, three of the women left him with a message before they headed back home.

“There are people in there that are not ready.”

This was a real heart breaker for him because he had strong feelings for the women remaining and ultimately didn’t want to make the wrong decision when deciding who to give his heart to in the end.

When three women were left, in week 9, Cassie’s dad decided to pay her a visit, and shared his feelings concerning her relationship with Colton. This made her uneasy and ultimately she decided to remove herself from the show with a shocking breakup. Again, leaving Colton with a broken heart. Enough for him to jump a fence, and run through a foreign country in the middle of the night. This is what let America know his feelings were real, and he wasn’t going to let her walk away.

The next morning/day wasn’t easy for anyone. Tayshia and Hannah G., were both blindsided by his actions and feelings. They both spoke up about how Colton made them feel in the Women Tell All episode.

Colton was done with the show, but he was not done with Cassie. He went back to her to fight for their relationship, and are now happily together.

What a season?! So many emotions!

The Bachelor Nation is very ecstatic with how the season ended, and so are we. Colton found his true love, and that’s all we could’ve asked for him. He’s been through so much heartbreak on his show and he is very deserving.

One of the season favorites, Hannah B., will be this upcoming season’s new Bachelorette, and it should be interesting to say the least. She isn’t one of our favorites, we would have preferred Hannah G., as the new bacherloette, but there is still hope for her to be on Paradise.

Watch with us this coming spring!


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