Prom Fashion


Junior girls before prom

Cotter Prom was held on May 4th 2019, a beautiful sunny day. Perfect for all the guys and girls to show off their prom looks! In my own opinion, I would say that getting ready for prom and showing off your look is the best part! Let’s see how our cotter kids chose to represent themselves!:

Jordan Rubie’s (pictured) beautiful Cinderella look, was carried out with joy and class What many people may not realize is that Jordan was wearing some pretty fun shoes…..Silver sparkly Birkenstocks, What a fun way of adding a little personality into this look! I give this a 10/10!
A rainbow of colors shown to us by the junior girls. Each with a unique hairstyle to tie it together,
Hope Howard wows with her bright yellow dress and homemade flower crown. She describes her look as a “tan goddess” and I don’t think we can argue with that.
Maren Stewart definitely stole the show with her look! And no, she’s not getting married. Her bold bridal prom look was able to turn many heads and personally, I don’t know anyone else who could pulled this off. 10/10 in my book.


Talyn Gilbertson (left), Wil Modjeski (right) and Coy Pederson (middle) brought a cool twist to their look. Pretty smart of them to wear sunglasses on such a sunny day. This was more creative and fun in comparison to the typical formal dress wear.
The senior guys show off their classy colorful suits and ties. What a fashion statement.
Kallie Vafei (left) displays a vintage dress look. I love this because its simple yet still says a lot. Right next to her stands Mary Morgan and her gorgeous fairy-like dress. Mary’s hairstyle was also one of my favorites. Most of the girls went with a low up-do but Mary chose an up, up do and I overall think her final look turned out great.

These were just a few of the jaw-dropping prom looks the Cotter students presented.