An all-American dilemma


There is no food left in the fridge, so you hop in your car. Then, you have to make the choice…..McDonalds or Culvers?

In my opinion, McDonalds is the answer every time.

The first time I walked into Culver’s, I was fairly shocked to see that my 2 favorite parts of McDonald’s were not at Culver’s: breakfast and the dollar menu. The dollar menu is enjoyed both young and old, it is a menu that consists of 5 or 6 items that cost only a dollar! Truly a deal you can’t find anywhere else.

Culver’s also doesn’t serve breakfast, which was a big deal for me because McDonald’s has a very good breakfast selection. The McDonald’s menu includes burritos, pancakes and biscuits. Food you can’t find at Culver’s.

McDonald’s food is significantly cheaper than Culver’s. A single burger retails at $3 at Culver’s while the average burger costs around $1.20 at McDonald’s. That means you can get almost 3 burgers for the price of one at Culver’s. I am a kid who doesn’t have the money to be spending $10 a meal when I go out, which would be around the average at Culver’s. At McDonald’s, I can get two cheeseburgers, a small fry, an ice cream and a drink for only the small price of five dollars.

I checked other people’s opinions about which restaurant people prefer over the other, McDonald’s or Culver’s and why? Most of the replies that favored Culver’s said that the food taste better and they have better ice cream. That is something that comes down to personal preference. Whether you like a juicy Big Mac or a Butter burger it totally up to you. As far as the ice cream goes, the two serve two completely different types. Culver’s serves ice cream custard and has more flavors to offer than McDonald’s. On the other hand, McDonald’s serves soft serve ice cream and sundaes, but has little variety in flavor.

When it comes too service, it depends on the day for these two places. Culver’s generally takes longer to get your food which can be a burden at times if you are in a rush. On the flip side, Culver’s tends to be a little more clean and you may receive better service from the workers, it really just depends on the situation.

Next time you are deciding between McDonald’s and Culver’s……..remember the three words I think of every time I bite into a juicy big mac…..mmmmmmmmmm I’m Loving It!