Mrs. Klick: from student to staff


Jennifer Rodgers

Mrs. Klick is pictured here with her husband Brian and her 2 children, Cormac and Margaret.

People may know that Mrs. Klick is a newer member of the Cotter staff, and may have seen her in the halls or in her office from time to time, but may not know what she really does at Cotter.

Mrs. Klick’s official title at Cotter is an Academic Advisor, but within that title, Mrs. Klick takes care of many things.

Mrs. Klick works with students to figure out what happens after they graduate Cotter, whether that be college or something else. She also works with students to figure out what they can do to achieve success while still attending Cotter along with many other things.

When asked about Mrs. Klick, 2019 Cotter graduate Grace Flanagan said, “It was really nice to have someone to help me prepare for college. Whether it was opening my eyes up to a potential college, or letting me know about an opportunity for a scholarship, I knew I could always count on her.” 

A typical work day for Mrs. Klick often depends on the day and time of year.

“I usually am dealing with things as they come up,” Mrs. Klick said.

She explained that she does a lot of communication with colleges, and hopes that she can make more time to meet with students individually.

Before moving back to Winona and coming to work at Cotter, Mrs. Klick worked in the college setting, or as she put it, “on the other side of the table.” Meaning, instead of helping students prepare for college, she helped new college students with the transition from high school to college.

As some may know, Mrs. Klick grew up in Winona and is a graduate of Cotter , so coming back to work at her old high school definitely took a bit of getting used to.  She felt very welcomed by the faculty and staff which helped the transition.

“At first, it was a little weird doing things like going into the teacher’s lounge, but after the first day or two, I got over that,” said Mrs. Klick. 

 Mrs, Klick is still getting used to some things and figuring out what all her roles are, but no matter what, she always goes into everything with a good attitude and is ready to help those around her.