AirPods: the apples of your ears


Anthony Guzzo

Apple airpods

Apple’s AirPods have everything you might want in headphones but how do they rank compared to Apple’s biggest competitors such as Beats and Bose earbuds?

AirPods best feature is the wireless connection to bluet0oth devices while still being lightweight and they stay put easily in anyone’s ear.

Compared to Apple’s competitors AirpPods are smaller, connect faster, boast longer battery life, and stay in the ear more easily,  which can be the most important to those who are on the move throughout the day.

AirPods range from $130 to $200 depending on what charging features you would like. AirPods come in a standard white case that charges them while inside. Apple also offers wireless chargers for the AirPods, but you will have to pay for the upgrade.

My AirPods have yet to fail me once and produce clear sound and great comfort. I worried about them staying in my ear during long workouts but through running, jumping, lifting, and studying they have yet to fall out.

Apple has not stopped at just the AirPods. They now have the AirPod Pros that can feature a customized  fit, and are also sweat and water resistant. Beats have recently come out with Powerbeats Pro that range from roughly 230-260$ depending on where you buy them.

Between both products it is likely that Apple earbuds will dominate the market for years to come. Overall they match and beat any competitors products and have proven the price is well worth the purchase.