Beware the Razor Scooter


Razor scooters have always been a great starter before introducing the bike, but believe me Achilles’ pain during the Trojan War as he got shot in his Heal with an arrow sounds way too familiar when getting hit in the same spot with a razor scooter.

Every time you went down a steep hill or hit a rock then had to step off, the thing would swing back and try to take off your foot like a bear trap. I’ve learned a lot from riding a Razor scooter like how it can be compared to school when you’re having a good day.  Nothing’s going wrong then you forgot there’s a quiz first hour you haven’t studied for  and then whammo!  Just like when you forget that the scooter is about to  slam you in the ankle. 

I’m 17, and  I haven’t been on scooter in about 8 years. My ankles had grown soft and complacent thinking that their days of abuse were far behind them. Then my older sister came over with her kids and they wanted to ride their bikes and scooters outside.

I was asked to watch them but my long board was left in my trunk and my car wasn’t at the house. I was left with the choice between a pair of roller blades that were three sizes too small or to take out my old Razor scooter that had been hiding behind the camping chairs.

It was a simple choice and as we went down the street I came to a sketchy piece of crumbly pavement  that nearly left me on my face but, thankfully, I caught myself with my legs until I got slashed with an old and painful childhood experience. Pain aside I really enjoyed having Razor scooters in my life because it taught me to be careful of my surroundings which helped me a lot with hunting.