Game Over

Photo by Thomas Swain, originally posted March 13, 2017, on

I learned about sportsmanship when I was three years old.

At the end of every Happy Hoops basketball game, we lined up, slapped hands, and said ¨good game¨ to our opponents. It was a rule. Our coach said that ¨win or lose, you always want to be a good sport.¨ That lesson has stuck with me ever since.

President Trump obviously never played Happy Hoops basketball. As the election went into overtime last week the name-calling and accusations of ¨cheating¨ began. When the final whistle blew and Pennsylvania called the game over for President Trump it became clear that what we were dealing with was what my Happy Hoops coach would have called a ¨sore loser.¨

The fact is President Trump does not have to officially ¨concede¨ in order for the results to be valid and for Biden to be sworn in. Conceding of course is the grown-up thing to do and is seen as providing closure to an election.¨

Conceding is the right thing to do. President Trump should walk off the court with his head held high, look his opponent in the eye, wish him well, and shake his hand.

It would be another embarrassing day for the United States if we have to watch our President be forcibly ejected from the White House by the Secret Service come January 20, 2021. 

The buzzer has sounded on President Trump’s presidency. The only thing left for him to do is grab his water bottle, say ¨good game,¨ and head back home.