Annabelle: a second helping of horror

Annabelle: a second helping of horror

If Halloween season makes you crave terror and thrills, Annabelle delivers enough truly scary moments to fill up the average horror fan.

The prequel to 2013’s The Conjuring, Annabelle tells the story of husband and wife, Mia and and John Gordon (Annabelle Wallis and Ward Horton). All is going well for the Gordons, until one night, they are attacked by two members of a satanic cult.

We soon find out the attackers are Annabelle Higgins, daughter of the Gordon’s next door neighbors, and her unnamed boyfriend. Luckily, the cops show up in the knick of time, saving the family from Annabelle’s crazed boyfriend, but not in enough time to stop the suicide of the insane Annabelle.

After narrowly escaping their own death, and the death of their unborn child, the Gordons believe things are going back to normal. Then, in typical horror movie fashion, things begin to go haywire; all due to the efforts of their porcelain doll, which Annabelle had been holding at the time of her suicide.

As with all movies in this genre, things start out small, until the final sequence between the Annabelle doll, and the “wrong place at the wrong time” husband and wife duo.

Though the movie does stick to the typical horror plot line, it is delivers enough adrenaline charged scenes to keep audiences on edge. The movie may not be able to fill the shoes of The Conjuring, but is still able to make you jump in your seat for a few scenes.

The major problem with this movie though, which might be enough of a turn off to keep many viewers away, is that most, if not all, of the movie’s high-intensity horror scenes were included in the initial theatrical trailer.

In the end, even with a predictable plotline, and typical sequel/prequel comparisons, Annabelle is still a good movie for the Halloween season.

Rated ‘R” for violence.