Sunday Funday


Sundays are the best days to relax, but also the days to get ready for the week ahead.

Sunday is a great time to get homework done, clean, reflect, and spend time with your family and friends. Every Sunday morning, I sleep in or I head to work at 8am.

I feel very motivated to get stuff done, knowing I have to before Monday. Sometimes I take a nap in the middle of the day to feel even more refreshed after. During the fall, I enjoy watching football with my family, going to the apple orchard or getting pumpkins, and walking my dogs.

On Sunday’s I like to take the day to clean and organize. I vacuum our upstairs, clean my room, throw some loads of laundry in, and do the dishes. By cleaning up everything, this helps me feel more organized for my week to come. Once my laundry is done, I pick out my clothes and practice clothes for Monday, so I do not have to deal with it in the morning.

When I have cold lunch, I like to pack my lunch on Sunday night as well. The main thing that keeps me organized is getting my homework and studying done. I like to get this done mid day on Sunday, so I can do whatever I want the rest of the day. This helps me get everything off my plate.

My mom and I enjoy to shop and get our nails done together. Last Sunday, we went to La Crosse to get our nails done, shop, and eat. We went to Legend nails to get acrylics and a gel manicure. I decided to get multi colored fall nails and my mom got red nails. After we got our nails done, we went to the mall, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and TJ Maxx. We found a good amount of clothes and items to buy.

In the fall, I enjoy watching football with my family. This is a good way to bond with my family. We usually cook a good meal and have snacks for a noon game for the Vikings. I especially enjoy watching the game with my dad, as we are big fans of the Vikings. While I watch the game, I do my homework as well. About two Sundays ago, my friend and I went to the apple orchard to get caramel apples. I get the Reeces Pieces caramel apples, they are so good. Sundays in the fall are my favorite days.

Sundays are the days to refresh and have a fresh start for the week. If you can get all of your stuff together and get things done, you will have a great and successful Sunday.