Cavaliers not bound for glory

Cavaliers not bound for glory

The Cavaliers will NOT make it FAR into the playoffs

With offseason pickups of Timberwolves all star power forward Kevin Love, and “King” (Lebron) James, the city of Cleveland has high hopes for their NBA team, the Cavaliers.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are the people’s choice to win the NBA championship this year.  I am hear to tell you, they won’t.  With a young overrated point guard, Kyrie Irving, and a team of new faces, the likelihood of a championship this year is slim.

Within the past eight years, there were two other cases of a “Big Three” team.  In 2007, the Celtics signed all-stars Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, to help Paul Pierce and the town of Boston win a some championships. \

The first year, these three made the front office look good by winning a championship.

In 2010, the Miami Heat signed free agents Lebron James and Chris Bosh to help Dwyane Wade in Miami to win a championship.  This “super team” did not win a championship until their second season.

To see how the Cavaliers will do this year,  I’ll break it down by superstar:


Kyrie Irving: a young talented first overall pick from Duke, is playing his fourth season in the NBA.  As the point guard, Kyrie is in charge of running the offense.  Fans will say that Kyrie is arguably the best point guard in the league.  Is he talented?  Yes.  Is he the best? No. There are point guards in the NBA that post better stats than Kyrie on a nightly basis.  With the presence of Lebron now, Kyrie will never become the franchise player that he was set to be.

Lebron James: the “King” is playing in his 12th season after being drafted by the Cavaliers 1st overall in 2003.  Lebron has been one of the most talented athletes in the history of sports.  The overlooked truth, though, is that he does not perform consistently.  Lebron plays well and is very talented, but tends to believe that he must be the star for whatever team he plays on.  He is the star, we all know, but he needs to lose that thought process of his.  He needs to become a better team player.

Kevin Love: I am a Timberwolves fan, and an avid follower of Kevin Love.  I have watched Kevin Love since we traded OJ Mayo to Memphis for him.  Last season, Love posted great numbers for points per game, 26.1, and rebounds per game, 12.5.  The way I see it, Love is, currently, the most efficient player on the Cavaliers.

This team is challenged with meshing these three all-stars.  So far, it hasn’t worked out the way that they wanted.  The Cav’s are off to a disappointing start.
I don’t denyt the Cavaliers may eventually win the NBA championship with these three superstars.  Will it be this year?  No.

Will they most likely make the playoffs this year, yes.  But remember, the Cavaliers are in the Eastern conference, which is a horrible conference in terms of competition.  Three go to guys are now having to share one ball.  This team will make the playoffs but not make it far.