App brings world of soccer to your fingertips

App brings world of soccer to your fingertips

Looking to play soccer, but instead of being on a field, you’re stuck at home, school or work?  No worries, help is on the way in the form of an app called Soccer Stars, brought to you by Miniclip.

The app can be downloaded for free, allowing the user to start playing online immediately.  After creating a Miniclip account or logging in with Facebook, the player will be brought to the home page.

There are five different tabs on the main screen: Play 1 on 1, Play Tournament, Play Minigames, Play With Friends, and Practice Offline.  These are pretty self explanatory, but a quick overview of the options may guide a new player.

Click on the Play 1 on 1 tab, you will be directed to another screen that allows you to choose where you want to play.  The cheapest place to play at is Brazil.  Once you click on it, your device will search for an online partner.  Once one is found, 25 of your chips will be placed into a box at the top of the screen.

Then you start your match.  There are 8 separate places to play with increasing chip value.  However, there are two other tabs that are bonus games.  Here you can double your coins, or play for a larger amount.


The Play Tournament Tab and Play With Friends tab are just like the Play 1 on 1 tab, just in separate places.  If you enter a tournament, you put down a chip value, and then play teams throughout a bracket to try to win a large amount of chips.  For the Play With Friends tab, you are asked to search for a friend that you know is online, and click on a destination to play.  After your friend accepts, your game begins.

The Practice Offline tab is very self-explanatory.  You simply pay 25 chips to practice against a computer.

The other tab, Play Minigames, gives you three options once selected.  There is the Spin and Win game, Scratch and Win, and Surprise Packs.  The Spin and Win is comparable to a slot machine game, with the values on the slot being separate chip values.  For the Scratch and Win, it simulates a scratch off for chips.  Lastly, the surprise packs give you a chance at gaining rare stars to use while playing.

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In regards to gameplay, you start with five “stars” that you launch at a soccer ball in attempt to score a goal.  Depending on what location you are playing at, the number of goals scored in order to win will either be 2 or 3.

One final aspect of this app, is that you can level up.  As you win more and more games and collect more and more chips, your XP levels increase causing you to level up.

I highly recommend this game to any soccer fans especially, but also anyone that wants to play an online sports game that is easy to master and has solid entertainment value.