Twilight Eclipse: Third time is charming

Twilight Eclipse: Third time is charming

Twilight Saga-Eclipse
“Eclipse” is the third amazing installment in the set of thrilling world bestsellers by Stephanie Meyer. It is proceed by “Twilight” and “New Moon”.

The book talks about the unusual love of an ordinary girl-Bella Swan and vampire boy-Edward Cullen. The romance is very interesting, especially to teenagers, as it reflects on all of the dreams young girls have about their own love stories. Stephanie Mayer brilliantly guesses what to put into the plot and by a magical atmosphere makes each of us believe that miracles are still possible.

The first copy of the book was published on August 7, 2007 with more than 150,000 copies in 24 hours. By now, there are over 2 millions copies sold. The novel became the fourth highest selling book in the world in 2008.

In “Eclipse”, Bella continues to be the one who attracts trouble like a magnet. Her best friend and werewolf, Jacob Black, finally expresses his feelings and throughout the entire story he keeps fighting for her love.

Bella, always so madly in love with Edward, suddenly is not sure about anything and struggles in making decisions about which direction her life should take. All she ever wanted is so close to her- Edward and her immorality with him, but at this point, doubts started to make holes in her choices: ” I did not answer. I did not have it in me to argue; I could not seem to find my commitment at that moment.”

The book is written in a very catchy style, switching detailed descriptions which offer perfect views of what is happening in the story. Thanks to hundreds of little dilemmas and issues being built in the main plot, there is never just one thing going on, and, it grabs the reader’s undivided attention, which keeps the pages turning.

Stephanie Meyer main vampire characters portray positive roles, which turns the usual stereotype upside down. However, her goal was not to write a book full of drastic killing and blood seeking, but to bring her readers to a certain conclusion and to extend their point of view, that true love can avoid and break all obstacles.
Although Edward’s slavery to his thirst for Bella’s blood is almost unable to be stopped, his feelings for her tend to be stronger and more important.

The end of the story is very powerful: and, all the romance is engaging and useful in two ways: to enjoy free peaceful moments and get lost in the mysterious world of love, or, to experience a big adventure.

The original price for this book in hardcover was close to $40, it is available much cheaper now on the secondary market. If you’re looking for a romance action series, this bestseller is definitely worth every penny.

“ He once again slid my ring into my place on the third of my left finger hand. Where it would stay-conceivably for the rest of eternity.”