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President Trump at 100 days

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A president’s first 100 days is always an important milestone to any new president. It shows what the country will see in policy changes, how the new president will govern, and show us what the new president will hope to accomplish, and how many of his campaign promises they will keep. The first 100 gives us a glimpse into how the new administration will function for the next four years.

President Trump just concluded his first 100 days as president on April 29, 2017. What has he accomplished and where has he fallen short?


President Trump makes a bold claim saying that 3-5 million illegal votes cost him popular vote, experts say there is no evidence to support this.

President Trump fulfills campaign promise of withdrawing from the Trans Pacific Partnership, a trade deal that was constructed by the Obama Administration.

President Trump instructs Homeland Security to begin construction on southern border wall. This was a major focal point of his campaign.

President Trump signs executive order cutting funding to “sanctuary cities”. This would later be blocked a federal judge.

President Trump signs executive order barring refugees from entering the United States from seven different countries. This would later be blocked by a federal judge. Barring refugees was another major focal of his campaign.

President Trump nominates Neil Gorsuch to fill the late Judge Scalia’s spot on the Supreme Court.


Secretary of State nominee, Rex Tillerson, is officially confirmed by the Senate.

President Trump signs executive order repealing the Dodd-Frank act. Dodd-Frank was signed into law by President Obama and was designed to regulate Wall Street to protect consumers.

Betsy DeVos is officially confirmed as education secretary by the Senate 51-50, Vice-President Pence cast his tie-breaking vote in a big win for the Trump administration.

Senator Jeff Sessions is confirmed as the next Attorney General.

National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, resigns over his relationship with Russia. This sparks investigation into Russia’s influence on the Trump campaign.

Steve Mnuchin is confirmed as the Secretary of the Treasury.

President Trump hold his first campaign-style rally as president in Florida.

President Trump rescinds a transgender bathroom policy created by President Obama.

President Trump proposes increasing the military budget by 10%, with budget cuts in many other departments, including the EPA and State Department.

President Trump makes first address to Congress.


The House Intelligence Committee opens investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, recuses himself from House investigation of Russian interference int0 2016 presidential election after it comes out he had met with a Russian ambassador.

On Twitter, President Trump accuses President Obama of illegally wire tapping Trump Tower. Director of the National Intelligence Agency, James Clapper, testifies he has no information that supports this claim.

President Trump signs a new travel ban, a revision from his first which removes Iraq from the list. This would also later be blocked by a federal judge.

House Speaker Paul Ryan withdraws ACA repeal and replace bill. A major blow to President Trump who consistently campaigned on repealing the Obama healthcare bill.


President Trump removes Steve Bannon from National Security Council, there’s an apparent struggle for the president’s direction between Bannon and Jared Kushner.

President Trump launches military strike against the Assad regime in Syria launching over 50 Tomahawk missiles at an airstrip following news of Assad forces using chemical weapons.

The Senate confirms President Trump’s nominee, Neil Gorsuch, to the Supreme Court after exercising the “nuclear option”. This is a big win for President Trump as he fills a long vacant seat on the court.

Department of Commerce imposes a 20% tariff on Canadian lumber.

President Trump signs executive order to ““Promoting Agriculture and Rural Prosperity in America.” Calling to help rural America was another focal point of the Trump campaign.

President Trump releases tax plan, would cut business tax from 35% to 15%. Would also be “One of the biggest tax cuts in U.S history.

 When it was candidate Trump and not President, Mr. Trump had ran his campaign on rebuilding infrastructure, bringing back jobs, building a wall, and rebuilding the military. Pulling out of the TPP was one of the first campaign promises that the president fulfilled. If the President also gets his budget passed, there will be a heavy increase in military spending also fulfilling another campaign promise. President Trump also has had many of his cabinet positions confirmed by the Senate, while leaving many other post While he continues to face much resistance from the Democrats and even some Republicans, there is a suspicion Trump is settling in to the job.  Questions remain on the Russian influence within his campaign,  if the new health care bill will make it through the Senate, and, if not, what does that mean for tax reform.  The country will know much more soon, one thing we know is that it won’t be too predictable.

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President Trump at 100 days