Apps for the Summer!

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Apps rule our world.

Everything we do we record with our phones, or mostly everything. In the summer sometimes we are stuck in different situations. Why not use an app.? Road trips are always fun but sometimes can get tedious, all the planning, where should we stop and other questions that might arise at your house. Here are some apps can help us kill down time or plan ahead.

  1. For the Gamers! Zombie Tsunami.







This game is rather simple, but at the same time challenging. In this game you are a zombie and you need to convert civilians. But watch out! As you will also need to jump through obstacles. The thing that catches you the most in this game are the missions, that you will need to pass to get trophies and new power ups, to make your gaming experience more fun.  








A picture of the missions that will unlock different skills for your zombies.

A short video of the game is featured at the top of this story.

It is pretty simple and there is no more to it. I will say it´s a good game but sometimes you can get tired of it. But you don´t need wifi to play it.


  1. For the Drivers! Waze








Waze is an app by Google about traffic. Its less common than Google Maps but has the same efficiency. It is a really good app as you get  real information live. Also you can use it to share with other people information about the road making it really simple and useful. It helps as you can avoid traffic and you can use it as a GPS.










The most appealing feature of Waze its the free GPS.

You can also see were your friends are driving if all of you are meeting together in a destination so you can share information live about where people so you can meet them on the way to an event

Reporting what you see is also a really easy feature.

Here is a clip from youtube of waze:

  1. To eat on the go! McDonalds App.








Have you heard about the McDonald’s app. It is full of coupons and nice surprises. You might not be a fan of this fast food restaurant but when on the go you can have an option to get a quick meal through their drive thru.

You can get good coupons to get a discount on your meals! You can also decide ahead of what you are going to order, as well as you can get nutrition values of your meal and ingredients if someone is allergic to something.

Enjoy your summer with these apps!

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