Johnny’s Gyro’s: new food option downtown still working out issues


Whether you looking for a sit down lunch or late night snack. Johnny’s Gyros might be the place to be.

I went to Johnny’s Gyros on a Sunday to check out the new restaurant and had a mixed experience.   Although some of their food was utterly enjoyable, the majority of the experience was not.

I called them to get an order: 1 Gyro, 1 Falafel, and 1 piece of Baklava. They said it would be ready in 15 minutes.

15 minutes later I was on my way to the restaurant excited try the newest food in town. I walked in unknowing of what to get. I said the name for the order, and with a hestitant response they said they did not have an order for me. One of the guys in the back walks out and says he remembers taking that order. He found the bag of food and said he forgot to put a name on it. We asked if we were ready to go and if we had all the food and the lady at the counter said yes.

Excited to eat the food, we looked in the bag. A third of our food was missing. They forgot to put the falafel in the bag and we turned around to see if we could get one. They said they forgot to put it in the to go bag. We left a second time, a little less excited to try the new food.

I took the first bite of the gyro and it was cold. The sandwich was tasty, but pretty similar to other gyros, not noteworthy. The second was of the baklava, and it was hands down the best baklava I have ever had. It was just sweet enough. The third bite was of the falafel, and honestly we should’ve left without it the second time we walked in. It was dry and tasteless.

There were many menu items I did not sample, but I won’t be returning soon. I would give the food a 5/10, because I liked the baklava and for the most part the gyro, but not the falafel, and all of the food was cold. The business is new and has been very busy, so it may be they are still getting their feet on the ground.

Overall, Johnny’s Gyro’s is an experience you might have to try for yourself, hope your experience is better than mine.