Mamma Mia vs High School Musical

Mamma Mia vs High School Musical

Mamma Mia is a musical about a mother and a daughter and her “three” fathers, they plot of the movie is trying to figure out who the daughter’s real father is by the end of her wedding, which she invited all three of the possible fathers to.

The music is by ABBA is good, but the plot is weak and often caused boredom.

High School Musical is a musical love story based in a high school, where the two main characters meet randomly and eventually fall in love. With many ups and downs the plot  keeps you intrigued throughout the movie. HSM has a great plot and catchy music.

High School Musical is clearly better just because of the plot alone, the movie was well made overall through all three of the movies in the franchise.

The music in both movies is very well written and it’s debatable which film has the better soundtrack What can’t be argued is that High School Musical still has one step over Mamma Mia.