GlamGlow Gravity Mud firming mask review

GlamGlow Gravity Mud firming mask review

You know what they say, a face mask a day keeps the acne away.

“The face mask category . . . was the fastest growing in the U.S. skin care market in 2016 with $160 million, and the masks market is expected to reach $337 million by 2024 according to Transparency Market Research” (Settembre).

Recently, I tried out the popular GlamGlow Gravity Mud firming mask. Founded in 2010 by Glenn and Shannon Dellimore, a couple from Hollywood, GlamGlow has grown into a multi-million-dollar brand that has recently been bought be Estee Lauder. “Wall Street sources estimated that the purchase price could range from $100 million to $220 million.”

The Dellimore couple created their skincare company to help the skin of their Hollywood friends always be camera ready. Obviously this is a high quality mask, but the hefty price of $59 makes many wonder if it is actually worth it.

The ingredients in the mask are supposed to firm, lift, and hydrate skin, there’s also witch hazel in it to prevent irritation.  To top it off the mask works with all skin types; mature, dry, oily, combination, and normal.

The mask was easy to apply evenly across your entire face and you could actually see the glitter. We left the masks on for about thirty minutes, following the suggested time of 20-30 minutes. The mask also peeled off easily and didn’t hurt at all, it was easy to throw away and didn’t make a mess.

After taking the mask off, “My skin felt really smooth and clear. I was a nervous for the result because of how it felt at first,” Katie Sigerud said. Katie has sensitive skin, which made her hesitant to use the mask at first; when she put it on her skin felt like it was burning at first, but once she took it off everything was fine.

“The mask was really easy to apply and peel off. Overall, it made my skin feel really good- refreshed!” Lauren Ping said. Lauren gave the GlamGlow mask an 8/10 rating for it’s promising results.

My skin felt smooth after the mask too, but didn’t feel much different than it feels after other, cheaper, masks that I’ve used before. Overall, I would give this mask a 7/10 rating because it was good, but didn’t do anything that a cheaper mask couldn’t do. I would rate the packaging and overall presentation of the products an 8/10.

If you want to be glamming and glowing this is the perfect face mask for you.

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