The walk to lunch


Walking to lunch everyday to some might be great, but most students disagree, saying during the winter it’s a miserable walk.

During the second semester weather can be rough, so here are a few tips from fellow cotter students to help keep you warm and happy on the walk to lunch.

The most important thing to do to keep you warm is wear a coat. This will help make the walk to lunch less miserable on days where is is below freezing and windy. Gloves, scarfs, and hats will also help keep you warm on the walk, keeping an extra pair in your locker will ensure that you never forget them.

It is also important to avoid running and pushing each other on the way over to lunch. While it may be fun to race, the sidewalk to lunch gets slippery during the winter and if you fall you won’t be happy.

“Never wear heels, try wearing shoes with good grip, and take your time,” advised sophomore Allie French.

The Roger Bacoon building is undergoing renovation and it  will have a lunch room in it when completed, so this may be the last year Cotter students will have to make this daily march.

“I enjoy it some days, when its nice outside, but when it is cold and snowy out I hate it. I will definitely be happier when the walk is inside,” Olivia Blummers said.

Other Cotter students said that they will miss the walk since it gives them a break from being inside the school, especially during the spring and fall when the weather is nice.

During the spring rain is more of an issue than the cold temperatures. Keeping an umbrella at school is the best way to stay dry on the way to lunch, but wearing a coat will also help since it can still be cold in the spring.

Hopefully these tips will help make you more comfortable on your walk, and remember that soon student won’t have this time in their day to spend outside, so try and make the best out of it.