Quality Duck Calls worth the investment

Is cheaper better? When it comes to duck calls, the answer is no.

When gearing up for duck hunting you have to bring your supplies:  a shotgun, ammunition, camouflage and, of course, a duck call.

If you don’t have the knowledge or a family friend who can show you the ropes of duck hunting then you may be stumped on what you should get when it comes to duck calls.

The main needs to spot in a duck call are sound quality, design quality and of course, the price. To show the options at both ends of the price spectrum I am reviewing a cheap and expensive duck call.

Your first thought might be ‘how much difference can there be in duck calls?’ and assume cheaper is better, but the cheaper route isn’t always going to work.

The cheaper you go, the lower quality craftsmanship and sound you will get.

The two calls I tested are a $10 plastic call from Ducks Unlimited and a $120 professionally built model by Alvin Taylor in the late 90’s and is made from acrylic.  Both calls are single reed calls.

For starters, the sound quality of the expensive call blows the cheap call away. The expensive call has a clear tone and pitch compared to the cheap one which has a scratchy tone and the sound quality is not to up to par.

Both calls were used during a one day hunt, and the expensive brought a small amount of ducks in and the cheap one did not bring any in. The overall hunt was extremely slow and lots of ducks were lost or unable to shoot at because of the cheaper call.

Based on my experience, I would 100% choose the expensive call, just because I see the key things that I believe a good duck call needs and the cheaper one does not.

Depending on the buyer, the expensive call could be out of their budget, so I recommend doing a lot of research when it comes to purchasing a new  call.

The things you want in your duck call are quality, sound and overall ability to bring ducks into your shooting path.

You may have to start towards a cheaper duck call in your budget. If you are looking at a certain variety of duck I would find reviews or do research on that duck call in order to make the final decision whether or not you want to buy the call.

The more expensive the call is, the more chance you will like the call and it will help you learn what a good duck should sound like and expand your knowledge on duck calls.

Here are some options at each end of the price spectrum to check out”: