Nike Superbad 2.0 Football Glove Review


Ryan Hesch

A broken in pair of Nike’s Superbad football gloves

Every Football player has gloves while on the field, it looks and often feels weird to not have gloves or anything else on your hands.

Given that is almost a necessity for most players the competition in the market is substantial. Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas lead it like they do most athletic categories.

The best glove in my opinion is the Nike Superbad 2.0, it is a very comfortable and durable glove with added hand protection on the back of the hand. This extra padding makes protecting your hands when hitting of something to worry about while blocking, block shedding, fighting in coverage, tackling or other high contact situations.

The glove provides protection that has held up well even after a full season of use in practice and games. Not only did the padding hold up but the palm surface of the glove also weather the storm a full season. Often gloves surface peel and wear away with continuous use and lose usability for pass catching and ball handling. After daily pass catching, ball carrying, and tackling only very high friction points began to peel ,but it was not enough to notice any difference in performance.

Nike gloves do have competitors such as the Adidas Freak 3.0 which I also wore this year. The Adidas gloves also held up well and did have light padding on the back of the hand. Given the padding was light they were not ideal for everything but it did have a significant improvement.

One of the reasons that I would take the Nike’s over the Adidas is because the Adidas gloves are very light and come colder weather games you do not have as much wind protection so your hands do get colder and more uncomfortable. Other than that and the lighter padding they are a good alternative for warmer climates.

The Nike Superbad 2.0 gloves are perfect for running backs, tight ends, linebackers, and receivers and strongly recommended.