“Curtains” about to open


Cotter’s fall musical ‘Curtains’, under the direction of Mr. Mark Roeckers, will be performed at the St. Cecilia theater on Friday, November 9, and Saturday, November 10, at 7:00, and Sunday, November 11 at 3:00.

‘Curtains’ is a murder mystery with a show-within-a-show based in Boston, Massachusetts in 1959. On the opening night of the ‘show’ Jessica Cranshaw, played by Vivienne Warner, is murdered. During ‘Curtains’, others are killed, and they need to find out what is happening if they want to save their show Lt. Frank Cioffi’s, played by Hunter Ramsden, job is to find the culprit, and try not to get himself killed in the process. This murder mystery has many twists and turns that should keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Hope Howard, a senior who plays one of the leads, Georgia Hendricks, said “I think the play has really come a long way. Some were kind of scared that not everyone would remember their lines, but we had a practice that ran from 3:30-9, and it was very helpful, overall. I think it will be a great play.”

Almost 50 Cotter students are involved in the musical this year, ranging from the main characters, chorus, pit members, and the backstage crew.


Lt. Frank Cioffi (Boston Detective) – Hunter Ramsden

Niki Harris (understudy) – Viva Graff

Georgia Hendricks (songwriter – leading lady) – Hope Howard

Carmen Bernstein (producer) – Grace Miller

Aaron Fox (composer) – Kevin Lee

Sidney Bernstein (producer) – Nick Walechka

Christopher Belling (English director) – Jon Weltzien

Bambi Bernet (performer) – Nadia Hocum

Daryl Grady (theater critic) – Sam Wantock

Johnny Haron (stage manager) – Megan Zenke

Oscar Shapiro (general manager) – Emily Tullis

Bobby Pepper (choreographer) – Colin Cada

Jessica Cranshaw (fading Hollywood star) – Vivienne Warner

Sasha Iljinsky (pit conductor) – Anne Galke

Randy Dexter – Henry Kang

Harv Fremont – Vincent Park

Roberta Wooster – Fiona Flanagan

Detective O’Farrell – Ellie Hutmacher


Suzanne Duellman,  Alison French, Cecilia Galke, Ellie Glodowski, Hannah Graff, Lucy Lee, Lexi Licheng, Sophia Stango, and Alessia Valasquez Nitti


Madeline Mohan, James Greshik, Brittany SoddyOlivia CarrilloPandora LuElaine ZehrAlisia HullBryce Tienter


Tara Welch, piano,  Abi Trocinski, percussion,  Cade Hansen, drum set,   Aidan Carlson, keyboard, Rob Besek, trombone, Matt Besek, trumpet,  Lexi Hadaway, trumpet, Aubrey Williams, flute, Emily Liang, clarinet, Abree Dieterman, clarinet, Macey Devorak, clarinet, Claire Nichols, alto/soprano, Ceili DeMarais, tenor, Isla Rolfson, oboe, Gabe Welch, trombone.