No drummer? More money! The New Standards interview

In Cotter’s theater storage space/green room, John Munson, Chan Poling, and Steve Roehm of The New Standards sat down for an interview with Hannah Casselman and Coco Costello of Cotter Teen Press before their concert at St. Cecilia’s theater on Saturday, November 3.

The trio have all performed in bands well known to Twin Cities music fans.  Poling was the frontman for The Suburbs,  Munson was a member of Trip Shakespeare and Semisonic, and Roehm performed in Billy Goat and Electropolis.

The name New Standards was chosen because they interpret songs of relatively recent vintage in a way that jazz standards of a previous era might have been performed.

Their set at St Cecilia’s included new standards as “This Must Be The Place” by Talking Heads,  “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley, “The New Pollution” by Beck, “The Book of Love” by Stephen Merritt and popularized by Peter Gabriel,  and they ended withMunson singing his song from Trip Shakespeare “Snow Days” and Poling closing the show with his Suburbs classic “Love is the Law”.

The concert was part of Hurry Back Productions’ Highway 61 series.

Highway 61 Concert Series


A gift to Cotter Teen Press from the band: The New Standards Holiday Show song book