Cotter seniors lead blood drives


Seniors Student Council members Adam Dilks and Anna Piechowski each led a Red Cross blood drive at Cotter this year

Two members of the Student Council, seniors Adam Dilks and Anna Piechowski, each led a Red Cross blood drive at Cotter this year. Student Council adviser Megan Nordgren helped the students organize and supervise the events.

“Anna and Adam did a great job recruiting students and working with the Red Cross staff, both events went very smoothly,” Nordgren said.

“It was really a rewarding process,” Anna Piechowski said. “A lot of students knew about the shortage at blood banks and so it was fairly easy to recruit people, and I wanted to get as many people as I could because there are always going to be deferrals. The person from the Red Cross was helpful in getting us posters and suggestions for recruiting.  The day of the drive was a little hectic trying to keep people on schedule but it worked out really well and the blood we collected that day will be given to over 100 people.”

Cotter sophomore Carson Roeder donated blood at the recent Red Cross event at Cotter

The drives collected 79 pints of blood and earned Adam and Anna $250 each in a scholarship from the Red Cross.

Cotter teacher Mary Hansel-Parlin flashes a Vulcan greeting while donating blood
Maddie Lemmer, Lily Olstad, Elizabeth McGlaun, Ella Hoeger, and Ava Koopman helping out at the blood drive. (Megan Nordgren)