German class goes to MMAM


Uli Schorn-Hoffert

Maddie Mohan, Hunter Ramsden, Jack Walters, Tyler Nachtigal, Joey Renk, and Aidan Carlson on the deck of MMAM overlooking the Mississippi

Mrs. Schorn-Hoffert’s German 3 class went to the Minnesota Marine Art Museum (MMAM) on  Wednesday, May 1.

Mrs. Schorn-Hoffert has a friend, Ms. Weispfenning, who used to teach a German class. She now works at the MMAM so she gave Mrs. Schorn-Hoffert’s class a tour in German.

“The goal of the trip was to see the German artists artwork that is displayed in the art museum. Also to have a conversation with Ms. Wespfenning,” Schorn-Hoffert said.

Uli Schorn-Hoffert
Cotter German students studying “Washington Crossing the Delaware” at MMAM


The class prepared for the trip by learning new vocab. so they could ask questions related to the art they saw.

The German class two different artists artwork. They were Emanuel Leutze and his famous painting “Washington Crossing the Delaware” from 1851.

Uli Schorn-Hoffert
Students at the Marine Art Museum

They also saw a painting from Max Beckmann. His famous painting “Dutch landscape with Brothers” from 1941.

After the class viewed these painting they were told to choose any European artwork write details about it and make their own sketch of artwork.

Tyler Nachtigal’s interpretation sketch of “Paysan répandant du fumier” by Jean-Francois Millet.